Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Here I go

Can't believe I'll be leaving Delhi, perhaps for good, in a month's time. Can still remember in vivid detail my first few months in Delhi - that was when I couldn't believe I had actually landed up here. Never really thought I would, actually. Seemed like some huge cosmic accident. And now it's time to leave. It hasn't really sunk in. I still catch myself thinking of something I'm planning to do here in a couple of months' time and then realise i'll be in sunny bangalore (i suppose it is sunny? I'm not going otherwise) by that time.

New facetious Outlook 'Happiness Survey' says Bangaloreans are wilting in unhappiness. Don't know why I'm being made to go there then. Still, the survey is terribly silly and I think I can safely suppose they got all facts wrong.

Is it bad manners to start one's blog by complaining continuosly for first two paragraphs? Maybe I should first enlist reasons for starting this blog. Peer pressure, in two words. Having Indian Blog Royalty as friends can do this to you. And lately, ever since I started thinking seriously of posting something here instead of merely using this address to 'pillory the great', I found stray phrases I would like to write somewhere wafting through my head at odd hours of day. Mostly in rattly autos on way to work I think.

Anyway, here I am. With a distinct sink-with-stopper-out feeling. Am going to gush like mad.

This IS fun.