Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"The DoT is of the opinion that some of these sites were being used by banned organisations to transmit messages to their colleagues. Blog entries cannot be tracked as easily as email."

Of all the bizarre statements the government issues from time to time, that has to be the bizarrest. They mean to say finding out somebody's e-mail id and host, cracking it open and then tracking the mails is easier than reading something that's just sitting there for all to read and is meant to be read? Ludicruous as this whole ban issue is (as someone said, would the government block all phone calls because terrorists use phones?), this one is just a scream.

Of course, all this has a lot to do with the government's inadequate knowledge about new technology and its applications, though I know most bloggers wouldn't feel blogs particularly represent new and emerging technology. The DoT obviously just don't know enough about blogs, and certainly can't keep pace with the way things change around here.

I am reminded of Fahrenheit 451 with alarming frequency these days.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kabhi Alvida etc

Am I the only one getting surer and surer that Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna is going to turn out to be a heart-wrenchingly sickly sweet film about extra-marital relationships in which the errant couple fall in love and suffer agonies of attraction, but, o gosh, never have sex? That while their hearts yearn for each other, they remain physically untouched by (dirty) extra-marital romps? Of course, not counting those passionate, passionate embraces on Brooklyn Bridge, with autumn leaves swirling around their feet (deja vu strikes, now where did we see that earlier?) and impossibly agonised expressions on their faces. And lots of kissing around the neck and shoulder region, obviously, Shah Rukh Khan being the lifetime holder of the world title for Neck and Shoulder Kissing as Expressions of Lust.

But wait. Remember what happened last time I predicted something about a soon-to-be-released film? Ok, so maybe I'm being biased and judgemental and one shouldn't judge a film by its trailers and KANK will have sex pouring out of Rani Mukherjee's anguished -looking ears (whatever). Stranger things have happened.