Friday, February 17, 2006

My love is a red, red rose

Ashitechhe! Aashitechhe! Aashitechhe!
Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!
The latest sensation in romance literature! This is a love story that will stay with you without your ever having to say you are sorry! The love story to beat all love stories!!
You've heard of doctor-nurse romances. Now get your teeth into the latest buzzword in romance -- Media-PR Romances. A sensational new debut by two gifted writers -- The Marauder's Map and Ronita Dutta of Life's Like That!
The Title: Passion's New Byline
The protagonists: Snooty but mild-mannered journalist from Delhi and ambitious young PR upstart. She is cruelly beautiful, but not a bimbette!
The tagline: He couldn't stand PR women, till he met Her.
The plot: The snooty man with a golden heart and a diffident manner thinks all PR people are dumb and vacuous. He is much given to rants against the entire tribe of PR people, but he doesn't know love waits to ensnare him just around the office coffee machine.
The vivacious young girl is out to reach the top -- and she doesn't mind how she gets there. Bitchy and aggressive, APP (Aggressive PR Person) thinks all men are wimps, till she meets MMJ (Mild-Mannered Journalist).
Exclusive excerpts for the privileged few readers of this blog. This is romance to set your pulses racing!
He carelessly whipped out the stylish dictaphone from his bag, muscles rippling in the golden sunlight. She quickly averted her eyes, but not before feeling her stomach muscles tighten at the sight. 'Get a grip on yourself', she told herself sternly. He's only a man, a journalist at that.
She handed over the press release to him, trying not to flinch. Steady, old girl, she told herself. She looked up, into his fine, sensitive eyes as their fingers touched. Her insides melted into an amorphous mass of desire. She drew back even as she saw a startled look come into his eyes. The atmosphere was electric.
The rose of romance blossoms during a shared car ride to an interview.
The confined space inside the car as they travelled all the way to Gurgaon seemed charged with electricity. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. She looked across at him, brooding silently while looking out of the window. Suddenly, he turned to her. She raised expectant eyes at his chiselled features. "Umm, what's the name of this guy I am meeting again?" he asked. She wanted to kill him, she wanted, oh-so-badly, to draw his head down towards hers and whisper into his ear. But it wasn't the name of the CEO they were going to meet she had in mind.
About the authors: The Marauder's Map is a journalist who lives in the sunny city of Bangalore. Happily married to the man of her dreams (who, unfortunately, is NOT a PR guy), she spends her time between cutting edge articles and romance writing, which is her passion. She loves dogs and cute, cuddly children.
Ronita Dutta also lives in Bangalore and works in the PR industry, which gives her a ring-side view into the dynamics of this noble profession. She is going to be
happily married to the man of her dreams soon (who, alas, is also not a PR guy) and hopes to fill her home with the red rose of romance.
Watch out for the book at a gleaming, marble-and-glass chain bookstore near you soon. The authors are open to interviews, but only international publications with circulations in the millions need apply.
Publisher's note: All characters in this book are entirely a product of the authors' collective imagination. Any resemblance to persons living, dead or working in the media are completely coincidental.