Friday, June 30, 2006

Word verification

The spammers have gone. They realised bloggers were smarter. You don't get comments asking you to check out the HairyCat Blog anymore. You only get a lot of negative energy on your blog from people sticking their tongues out in concentrated effort to copy mtghbscgt into a tiny box and hating you for making them do this. So now will you please turn word verification off? It, I am pleased to announce, has lost its relevance is a fast changing world.

P.S. And those of you who have both word verification and comment moderation on, you do realise you're being a pain, don't you? Not to mention paranoid and obstrusive?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Second 'Men!' post

Me to R: Don't watch football. Come, let's have a meaningful conversation. Lets read poetry to each other.

R: Not watch the MATCH? Crazy or what?

Me: What will happen if you don't watch the match one day? Bloody silly game, 22 grown-up men pushing a ball around with the poor referee running like headless chicken risking his life. Anyway half the time these guys are rolling about on the ground clutching various body parts and groaning. Bloody uncivilised.

R: (Shocked silence)

Me: And anyway you fall asleep in front of the TV. You watch it only so you can talk to your colleagues about it.

R (acknowledging a hit): Well, even if it were so, you would still have to watch it no?

Me: WHY?? Why can't you tell them you don't watch it, that you don't like it?

R: Are you mad? That's like admitting you are impotent.